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2 moms, 4 kids. We talk about being moms in LA, the chaos that ensues, and the wine that must be drank to cope. Also, we connect with other incredible mothers from all walks of life to hear just how they do it. This is so exciting for us - two moms who love their kids, want to pull our hair out half the time but live to talk about it... because we definitely LOVE to talk.
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Mar 22, 2017

We are ALIVE!! Back from what can only be described as close to death, Dana and Nic are here and SO HAPPY to be recording!! Hear all about how Dana went DOWN and how Nicole's feet are effed. If you want to feel healthy and happy about your physical condition, listen to us to get a new perspective :) 

Also - our guest this week is the fantastically talented, multi-tasking mama of 3, Catherine McCord! She is the creator of Weelicious, a cooking and recipe site for kid-friendly food, and One Potato Box, a meal delivery service for the whole family. Listen to her talk about how she turned her culinary degree and love of cooking for her family into a MASSIVE business. Mamapreneur, indeed!! Find out more Catherine at

Drink: Water, LOTS OF WATER

Snack: I want to say celery, but nope, animal crackers for the win.

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Mar 9, 2017

In this episode, Dana and Nic are back and one on one chatting all things sleep, food and (shocker) #momlife.  They commiserate about sharing life with a dreaded snorer (they can't be alone, right??), Nic has a new TJ's obsession her son is gobbling up, what happens when your kid says "shit!" and what is the grossest thing YOU have found in your salad? Blech.

Drink: lots of them - non alcoholic (it's the middle of the day!)

Snack: Salads from Lemonade and a salted Caramel Macaroon the size of my face.

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Mar 3, 2017

In this episode, Dana and Nic welcome "supermom" Lexi Raven and we cover basically everything! So called "balance" as a working mom, traveling with toddlers and why having kids doesn't need to be the end of our lives as we know it :)

It was so fun to just hang with the girls (in the garage), drink wine and talk about life. Join us and be part of the conversation!  Learn more about Lexi's incredible business All Snuggled Up here!

Drink: Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc (helllllooooo friend)

Snack: chocolate peanut butter malt balls. It's a problem.

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