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2 moms, 4 kids. We talk about being moms in LA, the chaos that ensues, and the wine that must be drank to cope. Also, we connect with other incredible mothers from all walks of life to hear just how they do it. This is so exciting for us - two moms who love their kids, want to pull our hair out half the time but live to talk about it... because we definitely LOVE to talk.
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Apr 19, 2017
We're back and in the same room this time! In this episode, we talk about how our husbands have figured out a way to disappear from life, at least once at day, VERY regularly! We also talk about how both of us are losing our minds with the non-stop talking of our 4 yr olds-is this normal? This CAN'T be normal!! Both of these things are definitely causing more day drinking, which Dana seems to have a solution of how to do without getting a headache or falling asleep at 5pm! You kinda need this episode, tune in now!
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Apr 13, 2017

We're back from the dead (nope, not dejavu - one of us was actually SICK again)!!

This time, we use the power of technology to connect with each other and catch up after a couple crazy weeks. We talk about how we always push ourselves too hard even though we know we shouldn't, say yes even though sometimes we need to say NO and how at the end of the day, no cleanse or diet will keep you healthy, clearly. So we may as well always drink wine and eat matzah crack. 

Also, we welcome our friend Jenny Hopf - the founder of Momidarity, a virtual meetup for busy moms! We hear all about the idea behind her vision, how sessions have helped moms across the country, and hear another story about a mom who can do it all - be a wife and mom to two littles, have a full time job and you know, just start a company on the side! 

Don't forget - Dana from TML is moderating the west coast session starting Thursday, April 20 and there are still a couple spots left! Use code TML17 to sign up with a discount!

Find out more about MOMIDARITY here or follow them on facebook, insta or twitter all at @momidarity :)

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Apr 1, 2017

In this episode, Nic and Dana talk all about mini vacays with their husbands, how life and work gets in the way of podcasting and how no one should EVER drink red bull and vodka at home with their husband.

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Drink: Justin Pinot Gris for Dana and water for Nic

Snack: good old popcornopolis - can't stop won't stop!

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